Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tweet About the Boycott

We've prepared these tweets that you can use to spread the word on Twitter.
  • Are your kids little activists? Reverse trick-or-treating might be for them: #noNestle
  • At @VillagesOttawa, they educate consumers about the benefits of fair trade, e.g. this Divine Chocolate video #noNestle
  • RSVP for International Nestle-Free Week on Facebook: #NoNestle
  • End Chocolate Slavery. Have a Fair Trade Halloween. #NoNestle
  • Not sure yet if you want to boycott Nestle? Give it a try for a week: #noNestle
  • Ask Nestle + other chocolate producers to make ALL of their chocolate slave-free #noNestle
  • Learn about the Nestle boycott and how you can support it #noNestle
  • The Nestle boycott isn't just about infant formula. Learn more:
  • The Nestle Critics portal provides info from numerous NGOs on how + why they protest Nestle #NoNestle
  • Nestle owns more brands that most people realize. Learn which ones so you can avoid them: #NoNestle
  • Nestle says its formula "protects babies". Learn why that is wrong + send Nestle an e-mail. #NoNestle
  • "We sell water, so we have to be clever" says Nestle. Read more @StopNestleWaters #noNestle
  • In 1984, Nestle agreed to comply w/ WHO Code regulating the marketing of breastmilk substitutes. 26yrs later, it still doesn't. #NoNestle
  • Mothers and babies need you to keep up the pressure on NestlĂ© now more than ever #NoNestle
  • Find great alternatives to Halloween candy on @CrunchyGoddess blog: #noNestle
  • Great to see health professionals supporting anti-Nestle advocacy. Love this comment from @SeattleMamaDoc #noNestle
  • I'm disgusted by Nestle's claims that it is the "Gold Standard" in infant nutrition. #noNestle
  • Get a Fair Trade Trick or Treat Action Kit #noNestle
  • Foreign Policy Blogs: What should really scare you this Halloween #noNestle
  • Read how Nestle shifts blame for infant deaths #noNestle

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What is Boo Nestle?

Participation in a campaign as far-reaching as the Nestle Boycott can be overwhelming.

But it's exactly because so many of the products we feed our families are made by Nestle that we can help protect vulnerable children and families around the world with our action.

So this Halloween take one concrete step: don't buy any Nestle candy for the ghouls and goblins knocking at your door.

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